A Hot-Air Balloon Full of Hope



Big news last week for Team Kaylin on the road to finding her a kidney. We found out that Corey is a possible donor, so he has moved on to the cross-match step in the process. Today, both he and Kaylin had their blood drawn (at two different labs, of course) and we fed-ex'd Corey's back to Seattle. We found another cool Vancouver Rock in the lobby of Vancouver Clinic...this one of a hot air ballooon. It seemed like a good sign. We are hopeful. Here is what cross matching is, for those who are curious:

A crossmatch combines the recipient’s blood cells and the donor’s blood cells to check for interaction. No interaction, or a negative crossmatch, is needed for transplant. If there is an interaction, or a positive crossmatch, then donation is possible through donor exchange. If there is a negative crossmatch, the evaluation process continues with tissue typing to determine antigen matching.



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