Recent Lab Results


Originally posted by Amy on Facebook 3/2/2017

Typical day at the nephrologist lol. Lab results were great! Her creatinine is on an upward trend, which is expected.... but we got her phosphorus level back down and her iron and most other levels were looking good. Just some minor tweaks to the medicine regimen and she needs to increase her potassium a smidge, so off we went with some nutritional fliers all about potassium. We determined she only likes potatoes, OJ and pineapple in the potassium category. Lol

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In these pictures, Kaylin is looking so wonderful and after the lab result, she feels so free and happy. The good thing is that she recover so well and response her so positive where you can check out reviews to manage all type of writing task. This is really fantastic news for the family of Kaylin.

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